Is this real life?

As I started to type the title of this post, I had a flashback to that viral video of that poor little boy going to the dentist and getting recorded afterwords all hopped up on dental drugs.

I can’t help but think that what I’m feeling right now is the same way he’d have felt after those drugs wore off:  I’m real again.  My core sense of doing and being is back. 

I truly think that while I watched all those Olympics in the last 2.5 weeks that my soul and energy was literally being drawn right out of me.

I thought each day ‘Why am I SO tired? Oh well, I can just go veg out and watch the athletic spectacle.’  But now I’m starting to believe that it was just a cycle. I was tired because I could watch TV.  If it wasn’t there for me  to watch, it’s not like I would have sat there doing nothing, I’d be puttering, walking, talking, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Almost 8 years ago I successfully filled the stereotype and gained the Freshman Fifteen, I wonder if anyone else has gained the Olympic Five?

  1. Cathy said:

    The Olympic Five – I love it! Great post, lady. It’s so true. It has been such a great excuse to sit on my lazy bum and turn off the world. I am happy they’re over, frankly. And yes, the Olympics, like the Oscars, Grey Cup or SuperBowl, were just another excuse to indulge in greasy food and frothy beer. I can’t say I didn’t partake. But I’m more concerned about the Fiance FLAB. Yay for eating your way through wedding planning!


  2. MB said:

    I sure did. From drinking beer in bars watching hockey. Easily.

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