Spring Ahead into the alleys

Toronto was so alive yesterday. (*Note, this post was from March 13th, though being published on March 21st.)

People were out in droves; wandering & meandering in the parks and on the streets. The predictable mixture of the underdressed, shivering in stylish garb and the overdressed, drooping their excess winter gear over arms and pyrse straps hung out in groups in front of cafes and brunch spots.

As I cycled thtough some favourite alleys and lanes, I came across photographers and models using the fresh paint or peeling murals as their spring fashion backgrounds.

I started my day with a ride towards this sparkling fabulousness.

I’m lucky to be able to see this mosaic mural multiple times in a week.

Next I came across this majestic lion, which I was surprised to not have noticed before, as it adorns the side of a Chinese Bakery on Dundas Street West that I visit on at least a twice-monthly basis.

The rest of these were new to me. They are mostly located behind the Hydro Building on Cecil Ave, with a few others peppered between the alleys between there and the entertainment district.



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