First day of Spring – Frigid but filled with beauty

I’ve always thought that the 21st is the first day of Spring, but many people’s social media posts on Sunday told me it was, indeed, the first day of Spring 2016.  Before 9 am I was on my bike and out and about, which brought me down an alley I’d noticed before, but with a bit of time to be able to check out this mural in detail…


and the funny little creature beside the mural:


These two pieces of art get their own gorgeous view in the mornings:

20160320_081901-1-1I decided to venture down to the lake but was distracted by some writing down a set of stairs, so I hauled my bike down them and was treated to a very typical urban exploring adventure under the bridge at Bathurst and Fort York:

It was time to go down to the lake, where I was tempted to try to get into the closed off Ontario Place grounds, but settled with a shot of the waking Toronto skyline:


I was very very very cold, but I went as far as the bottom of Roncesvalles to one of my favourite lake access points:wp-1458515790695.jpg

Going back up into the core, along the VERY cold and shaded Queen Street, warmth came from the colours in this huge mural I’d never seen before!


There’s a new LCBO in Parkdale that is just screaming for art on the big bare wall of its parking lot, but for now this is one of two pieces of art visible:


Heading further East, I checked out a terrible new ‘courtyard’ in front of a series of ‘Art Condos’ and was feeling sad for the state of public space in these new densely populated places.

Luckily, behind the Theatre Art Centre there’s the frequently photographed alley that’s just filled with art:


Continuing on, I passed another, quieter and less colourful alley, but I noticed this at the end.


“Don’t be mean to strangers on the internet.”

It was SO worth venturing down this alley, because it was absolutely FILLED with art, mostly by birdO, but also peppered with LoveBOT, Smoky/ Shalak and one by Rakems, Dizoe, Spud, Philth.

At this point, I was really starting to shiver. My feet and fingers were starting to go numb and I knew it was time to head home. But one more birdO was ready to be (re)discovered, and it was as glorious from afar as it was the first time I came across it up close.


I KNEW birdO was prolific, but every time I come across his work I’m baffled by how much colour he’s brought to our city, and I’m sure I haven’t even scratched the surface.  It’s certain there is more to be found on another day.

What’d you get up to on the first day of Spring?


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