One day I’m gonna whistle?

Omigoodness, rip out my heart and see it throb with cuteness.

I have linked in the past to this song, because it’s great and gives me ‘goosies’ and made me hope for some sort of nostalgic love rememberance.  But now, NOW!!!!, I can love this song for a whole new reason; because a good friend who knew how much I loved the song sent me the link to this video where a dad and his adorable little daughter (I’m assuming) harmonize in a raw, yet rather talented fashion!

PLUS, she interrupts the song (1:50) to ask ‘One day I’m gonna whistle?’ AND she yawns and yet it still comes across as a FANTASTIC performance.

Beauteous.  Truly, adorably, wonderfully beauteous.

  1. Hannah said:

    I love this SO MUCH.

  2. marta said:

    I’ve watched this video at least 1000 times! and enjoy each and every time!! His Facebook site has T-shirts for sale that say “I’m Gonna Whistle Someday’? I bought 1 for me and 2 for others!

  3. marta said:

    WHOOPS or I should say, “one day I’m goona whistle?”

  4. marta said:


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