Little Bites Vids – Sicky Pants Version

Know what happens when you stay home sick?

You get bored. You click away to the depths of the internet in a way you didn’t think you were still capable of.

I dedicate this post to the cool videos I found on the first day in this terrible bout of pain in which I could actually sit still for longer than 2 minutes.

1. I would play Nintendo to the end of the world if I could have this guy next to me improv-ing it up to my mad Mario World skills.

*warning* there are many links to this guy’s other videos. Resist. Or don’t. But you’ve been warned.

2. I’ve been kept up really late with pain and aggravation for the last three days, all days at least until the iniquitous hour of 4am.  When I decided to look up ‘funny’ videos on, this one coincidentally came up.

click through for the vid

3. Surprisingly, I haven’t taken the opportunity to watch that much World Cup while I’ve been off, but I did come across this post about how Nike harvested unrecycled bottles from Japanese landfills to create the Jerseys for World Cup.  Nike, you’ve come a long way baby.  The post is accompanied by this phenomenal film.

For added viewing pleasure: more videos!


MORE trippy. In fact, I`d say it`s seizure-iffic. Don`t watch if you`re prone to motion sickness. Or seizures. Also, the actual video starts at about 01:15

Brilliant Comedian Talking about Dinosaurs.  Oh man. This kind of shit-smart humour gets me HAWT.

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  1. therese said: ROCKS!!!! I discovered it only recently, and boy, it sucks you in!

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