I kind of really love this.


I was lead to his music by a lady who posted a different video by him, which also filled my heart with a lovely lightness.

I think this lady will want to include this video in her ‘this week in robots’

I think when this guy starts to write in his blog again, he’ll want to do some sort of philosophical analysis of this video.

I think this guy will be the first to comment on this entry, and hopefully it will inspire him to post again.

I think this guy would really like to listen to this song while walking on one of his ridicu-epic walks.

I think this lady will likely want a whole new wardrobe consisting of the images from the first video.

I think this lady should probably link to this guy’s music at some point in her required reading, because he’s kind of incredible.

Speaking of incredible; this lady had the most lovely of lovely concerts last saturday. She still wins for the title of ‘Musician most capable of taking my breath away and making me tear up.’  Search for her in the news.  She’s kind of a big deal.

There’s a lady I can’t link to, who also thinks that musician is a big deal.  I think that lady knows that I think she should start writing online again.  Her vision and presentation is kind of incredible.

I think that’s enough for cryptically linked messages.


  1. Luke said:

    We are all just robots with feelings.

  2. matticus said:

    the giant robot, the distant future.
    the distant future, the distant future.

    glad YOU’re posting again, lady.

  3. xedapsicle said:

    i would like a binary solo.

    you’ve inspired me to write again. thanks lady!

  4. gramps said:

    that is some serious linkage. nice. guess I was 4th. but 1st on the more recent post.

  5. Nathan said:

    Hi there Bigwood,
    Have you ever heard about “Rustboy”?
    It is a marvelous project where a guy (that’s right one guy) is trying to make a movie with a non pro 3D program (Infini-D). It has been many years and I hope he manages to finish, he has a bunch of clips on his website

    They are beautiful, but I think the passage of time is wearing on the poor guy. I do hope we can enjoy his movie some day.

  6. andrea said:

    psssst …. I like that song better – but wasn’t quite such a fan of the original video.
    I like this one =)

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