Feeding the art craving in New York

I’ve been spending a lot of time in The Beache(s) lately, which is incredibly gorgeous and lovely, but sorely lacking in graffiti.

I went to New York over the long weekend for a whirlwind visit and fed a bit of my street art craving, albeit with a myriad of styles.

Our first our in Manhatten brought us up to the high line, where a fascinating installation caught my attention.

wpid-img_20150523_113848.jpg  The Evolution of God

We then continued on to Park Slope, Brooklyn, where this huge mural made us smile after we exited the subway system.


More smiles evoked from the extensive display of chalkboard art; the two favourites being:

wpid-img_20150523_114057.jpg  wpid-img_20150523_114023.jpg

Char No. 4 was our Saturday night destination and despite being with the most attractive and delightful crew of Bourbon tasters, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the ceiling.


After dinner we gallivanted through Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, where I was taken in by a yarned window display, a bar shroud in bamboo mats, and a slightly creepy mural alongside some eerily silent train tracks.

Our last stop of the evening was a fantastic South Florida-themed bar filled with shuffleboard pads and mini-sheets, giant Jenga, Connect Four and the most simple and infuriatingly entertaining Belini ring game.

The washroom in the bar is dreamy and is probably one of the most photographed areas of the building.


Our last morning, the art was in the gluttony of the huge doughnuts we devoured with vigor.


On our way back to the bus we came across a few more pieces of street art in the style I normally capture at home.

IMG_20150517_110435 wpid-img_20150517_111344.jpg

Daytime travel meant that the crisp vistas through Upstate New York and Pennsylvania provided us with the last beautiful visions of our trip…

IMG_20150517_135712 IMG_20150517_141519

Before of course the cheap spiced rum in the duty free before the short stretch home.

NYC, you never disappoint.


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