NWYN – Frantic mid-errand alleywalk

I haven’t quite learned yet that, even if it is physically a shorter distance, going through back alleys will almost certainly lead to a longer walk. What was supposed to be a forty-five minute journey, door-to-chore-to-door, doubled into an almost two hour excursion, where I found beautiful back alley urban decay, street art, shadows, and even accidentally went to an art show. There are no pictures of that because it was still in set up mode, but there are plenty of others:

I’d like to dedicate the second half of this post to the good folks at Blundstones on Queen, who not only got me set up with some sweet sheepskin inserts, some winter socks, and a full cleaning, conditioning and waterproofing of my leather babies, they also let me steal some power off them for a couple minutes. This meant I was able to capture this next set which is, at maximum, ten minutes of frantic frame-grabbing:

It was immediately after this one took that the phone vibrated to a close. There were at least four other stunning murals within view, and I hadn’t even taken photos of all of the ones in the row… just my favourites. It felt like I passed through some sort of intensely saturated streetart-alleywalk teleportation tunnel.  Despite my frequent strolls of this nature, this was something special.

I’m off tomorrow morning to go spend time deep in nature, where the alleys will be trees and the murals are made from the ways that the light plays with the bare branches and the snow mounds. I can’t wait!

Happy Weekend!



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