Today was my first alleywalk after a painful week without a phone

In February of 2012 I went to Bogota Colombia. I lost my camera and it was a blessing in disguise.

Last week, the charging port on my incredibly old Galaxy Nexus finally (not surprisingly) stopped working, and I had to go a whole six days without a phone. A good portion of this time was spent prepping for and being in nature, so it’s not like I needed access to telecommunication towers:

photo by Aubrey Iwaniw

In fact, I proudly announced on social media that I would be going untethered for an uncertain amount of time. I then spent the weekend oscillating between feeling SO free, and feeling SO desirous of a chance to capture the world around me and share it with the world that wasn’t around me.

Then I got back to the city. Now, I wasn’t entirely ‘untethered’ because I have email, fb messenger and g-chat on my computer (where I can also make phone calls [that make it seem like I’m in California {I wish!}]), and a boyfriend with a working cellphone for the time when I needed to call my lovely Momma, but it was the INSTANT PHOTOS that I was feeling such a state of withdrawal from. It cannot be coincidental that you’re in a constant state of ‘tapping’ on that app, loving photos as a little ritualistic prepping for your own hit of sharing your experiences to a (potentially) massive audience.  I don’t have one of those, but I do have a loyal following of friends and faraway strangers that tell me that they love seeing the world through my eyes. I love looking back on what I see too.

So… today, my dear friend lent me his unused ‘museum piece gadget’ that has gotten me back on track… er… alley… to being the chronicler of the kind of daily things I notice, and can’t help but share.

refractions in Little Korea

Here’s today’s findings:

Thanks for wanting to see what I see, dear ‘readers.’ I would continue to do this either way, but it’s a lot nicer knowing all these pixels are getting processed.



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