NWYN – alleywalking before and during Toronto Offsite Design Festival

The past week has been mighty full of art and design. I know I frequently say on this site that this city is full of art with or without big sponsored festivals, but there’s something about Design Week in Toronto that reinvigorates my desire to get out and about to see and do.

Last week I got down to Come Up To My Room, which I wrote a post about with some of my pictures over at Galerie CO’s Chez CO.

Here’s one of those shots of the inimitable Wendy Tancock, in the reflection of one of the gorgeous mirrors in the Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar, enhanced by the installation ‘Innerventions’ by Time and Desire.

Earlier in the week, I managed to see some other beauty in the city, in parks, alleys, on sidewalks:

It’s usually a better idea to do alleywalks during the daytime because of light, warmth, and safety conditions, but I’ve been lucky enough to have had some alley company in the last week too.  The first three are terrible quality/resolution, but there’s something sort of ethereal and ghostly about them so I’ve kept them in.  The library is on Sherbourne street and I just absolutely love how simple the design is. The library is like a community beacon. I’d like to hope that draws more visitors in!  The three blueish beauties at the end are from an expansive mural in the same park as Allan Gardens. Were it not for the use of peeling away some of the paint to emulate the moon, I’d never have guessed that the walls were made from metal. The mural is huge, and by multiple artists, and it changes depending on the lighting and where you stand. It’s really beautiful. The splash of crafty colour is from one of the windows at.. The Bay? Holt Renfrew? Seriously don’t know. We were decidedly uninspired by the ‘window installations’ (read overpriced purses hanging limply from fishing wire) on Bloor St, but this one made me stop. Imagine folding all those little squares? Imagine conceptualizing the origami into a piece like that?  That’s what you need in window displays. The head is called, well ‘Gumhead’ and is one of many Douglas Coupland installations going on in our city right now. While I was trying my best to get a shot in focus, Mike SAW that orange gumball that’s on the ground fall from the tip of the nose. Interactive art, MAN.


This last gallery is a classic Notice What You Notice entry. I saw some colour down an alleyway, and the rest was history.

One more to share this time is this shot I took while laying on my stomach on the boardwalk down by the water. I watched the sheets of ice ride waves, be waves and break waves. The ducks and geese were somehow still swimming in the frigidly cold water, which twinkled in the sun, and clinked around like glasses gently being ‘cheers!’d at a cocktail party.


Going on these photo adventures in the Winter is suuuuuuper fun, but they can certainly be chilly! Stay warm, lovelies!wpid-img_20150123_150944.jpg


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