NWYN – Tiny little frigid alleywalk

I have spent most of the last two days inside, due to the feels-like-negative-thirty cold snap we’ve been having.  But today I got a little antsy, and decided to venture out into crisp, sunny day to get a few amenities.

It started out nice; I mean freezing, but not unbearable. Then the wind hit. And suddenly my eyes watered and my eyelashes felt like they’d freeze together, like my friend Cori told me had happened to her on her jaunt to the subway. They didn’t, but I felt some solidarity with all the commuters.

I found myself going in and out of shops a lot more. Even the shopkeepers were wearing coats inside. It was cold.

But since I’d gone out already, and my latest Instagram photos were so infiltrated with adorable babies, I knew I needed my alley fix.

And I got it:

It was a labour of love, I tell you. My fingers and thighs burned for about half an hour after my short journey out into the world.

So now… now I get another kind of fix:


Stay warm, lovelies!


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