Alley Walk behind The Theatre Centre

Today’s the last day of City of Craft and this year it was in a new (to me) location. After travelling between the two floors of fantastic vendors in The Theatre Centre, a new live arts hub and incubator at 1115 Queen St. West, I looked out the stairwell window and saw in a distance this gorgeous back alley painting:


Inside, I was most drawn to a few artists. Of course, Bookhou, with their notoriously simple and beautiful prints:

Bookhou baskets. They are a multidisciplinary studio that emphasizes natural handmade materials and small production pieces

LOVED the crocheted logs, ‘wooden’ doileys, cacti from Shannon Gerard’s Plants You Can’t Kill.  She even had crocheted sprouting avocado pits!!

Shannon also has other work like plustaches, anitomical hearts and boobs and dinks. This puts her in good company with the booth across the way from her today. I had full body guffaws at the hilariously playful Queer as Folklore booth by Yigi Chan; a Toronto based illustrator whose work explores the humorous aspects of homo-eroticism and sexuality.

“Rock out with your broc out” magnet by Yigi Chang.

And I was completely struck by the gorgeous silkscreens (serigraphie) of Montreal’s Todd Stewart.

Untitled Chicago Alley by Todd Stewart, who was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and lives in Montréal. He creates screen printed pieces that consciously allow for open interpretation and multiple perspectives. They reflect a search for meaning in both familiar and unfamiliar landscapes. His pieces are built by exposing the control and precision of illustration to the unpredictability and chance inherent to the printmaking process.

His prints (which also include gorgeous 3D-style blocked maps of cities) really manage capture the essence of alleys that I constantly seek out and find, but I still was pulled toward that alley in the back of the theatre space, where I was treated to a whole slew of new street art that I had never seen before.


wpid-img_20141214_114919.jpg wpid-img_20141214_114943.jpg


Artists: birdO / phil pans / hames / spud / tens2 wpid-img_20141214_115012.jpg wpid-img_20141214_133031.jpg





wpid-img_20141214_133426.jpg wpid-img_20141214_133525.jpg

  1. Tiana said:

    My roomie bought that exact alley print by Todd Stewart!

    • Lee Anne said:

      That is crazy!!! It’s so beautiful. I covet so much of his work!

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