NWYN – New hood, new alleys to explore

One of my best friends recently rode her bike across most of the country to raise funds for and awareness of Romero House and to take some time to think and ponder on what killer thing to do next. The end of that journey lead to her moving back to Toronto. There are many of us here that are super excited she’s made this city her home again, but we can’t help but worry that she might take her beloved bike on another epic journey.

This weekend quelled that fear a bit because she’s moved to a great new home.

I biked up yesterday to help her unpack her minimal belongings and clean windows with her:

cleaning windows

On the way, which was mostly composed of side streets, I kept a watch out for alleys to avoid major roads… and this caught my eye:



I got closer and saw that it was paired with another neat door:


The tiny alley was full of art:




Then I realized why. It was the back of an art studio!


As I continued on my way, another patch of colour down an alley brought me around the new location of Dutch Dreams and in behind Anishnawbe Health Toronto:





I’m excited to find more alleys in her new hood to explore!

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