Who knew voting in Toronto could be so beautiful?

I voted today! I voted for Oliva Chow as Mayor and Alex Mazer as councillor for Ward 18. I’m proud to say so, and truly hope they both are successful.
I’m not a political writer, but I did come across this post about why another person in my ward chose Alex over the incumbent, Ana Bailão. It’s well done and lays out a lot of how I feel quite well.

Almost as important? That my voting experience was so artful!  As I said in my last post, Toronto is gorgeous, dynamic and filled with art, with our without massive art festivals, but those festivals reinvigorate my desire to seek out new sights to see.

This apparently applies to early voting too!

Here’s one of those infamous yellow vote arrows, that indicate that a polling station is nearby.


As you round the corner, you get this incredible view, which leads you to the naturally lit voting room:


And these four beauties:

… which are equally gorgeous from afar:


You’re not supposed to bring phones or cameras into polling stations, so I was sure to abide by those rules in the spaces close to the voting action, but as I made my way to the front of the building I couldn’t help but appreciate this corridor. That lettering! The natural light! What a space to learn and be active.


Thanks to the democratic process for bringing me to a new community space: Wallace Emerson Community Centre. Despite the very recent tragic news from the area, statistically the area is still very safe and I’ll be back for some Adult Lane Swim ($3.50/visit, less if you get a membership) in the near future!

wpid-img_20141017_122442.jpgTo top this whole experience off, on the way home, I had an obnoxious traffic experience where I felt unsafe on Dufferin between busses and concrete barriers and cars and other cyclists… so I ducked into an alley to take a different street south, and came across two new (to me) murals!

wpid-img_20141017_122913.jpg wpid-img_20141017_122926.jpg wpid-img_20141017_122939.jpg


  1. Lovely post! Could I share it on my own blog, hotlinking to one of your photos to give readers an idea as to what they’ll come across?

    • Lee Anne said:

      Thanks Randy. Of course!

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