I was was a grown up who read a thing I wrote as a kid at GRTTWaK13

I have attended numerous times, and I have even read before (which you’ll hear about in this reading), but this past visit to Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids was something special because I attended on my own. I could really grasp the sense of camaraderie that exists in the room when a bunch of strangers exhibit vulnerability and bravery by reading the angsty, adorable, hilarious things we create when we’re little… or in my case this time, not so little.

I could barely hold back my laughter and neither could Dan Misener:

Photo by Evan Mitsui

Photo by Evan Mitsui. Click on the photo to see it in its original form and to see the other shots he captured from the evening, including people BUSTING A GUT laughing.

A huge thanks to organizer Dan Misener for isolating and sending the audio files of our last reading.


I highly suggest you sign up for the GRTTWaK mailing list here so that you hear about the show when it’s first announced (it always sells out).


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