NWYN – Happy Birthday Mr. Renneson

Although I’m incredibly similar to who I was as a small child, there have been some marked points in my life where my personality has evolved fairly drastically.

One of my favourite periods of time for this was when I decided to move away from the frenzied hustle of Yonge and Dundas and into an airy, open-concept playhouse-in-the-treetops apartment on Spadina Circle.

It was there that a few of my passions were born — love of CBC radio; pot-lucks with healthy, whole-style foods; themed house parties; philosophical discussions over copious quantities of fermented beverages; and, amongst others but most importantly, my deep love of wandering ambles. It wasn’t labelled as ‘notice what you notice’ (NWYN) yet, but that was certainly what we were doing. I learned this with two of my most favourite room-mates I’ve ever had, who acted like both big-sibling mentors, and little-sibling brats who’d wait for me to get home from weekends away to deal with departed pests…

So I dedicate this post to one of them, Mr. ‘Gramps’ Renneson, who, as a teacher in Vancouver, spreads the NWYN concept into his curriculum. Coaching his students to take moments to explore, notice and comment, they discuss how important (and fun!) it can be to see your own neighbourhood in new ways, and how this can be applied to new environments and situations too.

Happy (day after) birthday, Mr. Renneson… I can’t wait to do more walks like this with you again:

Two gallery exhibits are shown within these shots. They’re both moving and you should check them out:

‘Dirtier’ by Kim Stanford at loop gallery – 1273 Dundas St. W – Mar 1-23 (Artist Q&A Mar 22)

‘Knife Play’ by Rebecca Fin Simonetti at Le Gallery – 1183 DUndas St. W – Mar 14-30

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  1. xedapsicle said:

    how did i miss this?! much love.

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