Profile: Kim Harris, and Sea Legs’ Elevenseas

I just came across, in a random Monday night’s internetting, this glorious playlist of a musician I’d never heard of, but who’s new album I’ve now listened to in its entirety twice.

How did I find her? I’m not sure. That’s the way with these sorts of evenings, isn’t it?  The freedom of clicking wherever, slowly pushing the other open tabs to the right, seeing less and less of the title of each… until you reach a breaking point and you slowly uncover the treasures you found just a few hours earlier…

So, somewhere in that sea of clicks, I came across this band/music website called Sea Legs.
Somehow, I landed on their profile of Kim Harris and I’ve gotten lost in the richness of her voice.  I think today’s the last day they’re streaming it?Or maybe it was just the last day before her album is released…  Yesterday was the last day they were streaming it, because today her album is released, but there’s still a really lovely outline of which songs are best for which vibes here: Stream: Kim Harris, “Only The Mighty.”
The real joy in landing on this post tonight was that in the ‘Similar Articles’ section at the bottom, there was the link to Kim Harris: Elevenseas .  Aside from the fact that the word Elevenseas instantly brought back memories of jump rope and hop scotch and days in the sunshine kicking ass at tetherball, I also had the inclination that it might lead me to some sort of playlist.
I was right… it’s a series where they profile a musician and the musician gives a list of eleven songs.  I believe it’s random from their device, but perhaps in some there is some curating… I haven’t explored fully yet, but I wanted to express how sweet it’s been that my bedroom has been filled with rich, soulful, lady ballads for the last hour. I have continual goosebumps.
  1. Hey, this is really great – thanks for writing about us and about Kim! So glad you found us! :) Also, we’re celebrating our first birthday this week and doing a giveaway for a whole bunch of albums including Kim’s, if you’re interested: Thanks again for this great piece!

  2. Lori Bigwood said:

    This girl’s wonderful.  What a beautiful voice.  Thanks for sharing   Lori


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