Little Bites Big confession: I want to be hired!

It’s time for me to confess/profess/exclaim something: I’m looking for a new job!! A career. An opportunity. A new place to apply my passions and develop my professional… BLAH BLAH bl’blahhh. There are some really great, flashy ways for me to say that I’m ‘between positions’ but the most important thing for you to know is that I WANT TO BE HIRED... and in much smaller, italic letters… for the right new position.

It’s hard to frame it when I’m not entirely sure what I should be doing right now…  What I absolutely know is that I’m ready. I am ready to test my incredibly wide range of skills in a new environment.

To really spell out the spectrum here, I’ve gone from cat/house/baby-sitting, camp counselling, gymnastics coaching, fundraiser organization, music council president-ing, ski program registration, tow-operation, paddle-boat renting, educational research, product development, sensory testing, waiting tables, landscaping, wedding and event MC-ing, financial administration, scheduling and coordination of production teams, business management to… this.

I’ve been unemployed, or ‘underemployed’ to be precise, for almost six months now.  I left a cushy position in financial administration and management to ‘find myself professionally.’  This was my 30-year-old version of going on a backpacking trip through Europe. Instead, I’ve gone on solitary emotional journeys through periods of solitude and reflection and downright panicked existential crises… in my own basement apartment and, if I’m feeling ambitious, in some of the incredible independent coffee shops scattered throughout this great city.

I just gave quite the laundry list up there, but sometimes I think it’s really important when we’re on a new job search to remember the early jobs we have had that provided the foundation for the kinds of skills we feel proud enough of to put on our official CV’s. Do you know what’s going to make me the type of communications coordinator, producer, organizer, etc that will be willing to work on really important projects that aren’t SUPER sexy and enticing? The same part of me that made me OUTSTANDING at cleaning oil out of the popcorn popper and the grime out of the steamed hot dog machine after a whole day of soccer tournaments when I was a teenager. I might raise my right eyebrow, and I might even make a hilariously snarky comment about it, but I WILL get the necessary deeds done. I’m a do-er.  That is the very essence of what makes me the type of person that has excelled at 98% of the jobs I’ve tried to do… that failing two percent is from trying my hand at selling newspaper subscriptions on the phone and studio-directing live national news radio. Both of those are incredibly difficult jobs that would SEEM to be perfectly suited to me and my skill set, but I’m not good at them. I respect those who are in both types of positions immensely and am really glad I had the opportunity to try them out.

I should also mention that at the beginning of this career shift I went on a two-person-one-vespa road trip through the Pocanos, helped an awesome musician on some touring through 4 states and went on an East Coast visit (that time I quit a vacation), which took up a good portion of a month.  There have also been many periods where I’ve worked casually at CBC and I’ve been volunteering as a board member for an amazing non-profit environmental organization called Ecosource. I have been participating in numerous panel talks, workshops, networking events and even had the chance to go away on a professional development retreat.  And then recently I fell from the top of a bouldering wall, and have been injured for almost six of these weeks..  So, really, when I itemize all of the ‘what have you been up to?’…my ‘down time’ during this tour-de-self has been pretty minimal.

So here I am, putting it out to the world that I want to be hired. As you will also find on my LinkedIn profile, I’m looking to find a new position or career which should include some or many of the following activities and skill sets: producing and content creation – researching, interviewing, analysis, writing, editing/vetting, formatting in paper, digital or audio formats, and management –  of social media, events, people, information, etc.

I am a quick learner and am extremely experienced in scheduling, finance and office administration but would like my heightened capacity to ‘deal with numbers and boxes’ to be completely integrated with my creative approach and proficient people skills. I’m really easy to work and get along with.  I’m an avid participator in meetings, seminars, and other office activities and am generally a pretty positive, joyful, smiley person who’s confident in new situations.

So… offer me a job! I’m open to short-term or part-time! And I would even travel outside Toronto for the right position. Tell me about your job and how you got there in an informational interview! Or introduce me to a friend/colleague of yours who might let me interview them.

I’ll end with this… when I entered my last block of work, the woman who hired me into my position finished my interview by saying: “I don’t really believe that you’re capable of this position, but I really like you, so let’s try it out for a month and if it doesn’t work out, no hard feelings.”  Less than two weeks in I was signing a 5 month contract. That turned into me being the person who would be requested in new positions when a sudden vacancy or special project required immediate and reliable competence, even if utilizing new platforms or procedures. Each time I started a new position in that building, I went back to knock on her door to thank her for seeing my potential and taking a chance on me.

I can’t wait to see what else I can surprise myself and others with… my mind and arms are open and ready for a new opportunity.

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Talk to you soon?

littlebiteswithbig AT gmail DOT com

  1. Lori Bigwood said:

    Good job! Good luck!


    The best relationship is not the one that brings together perfect people, but when each individual learns to live with the imperfections of others and can admire the other person’s good qualities.


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