Force of Destiny

Last week I met my Mom in the distillery district to share a bite before indulging ourselves in some seriously intense theater   En route, I came across one the many beautiful heritage buildings that line the streets of that neighbourhood.


“This former industrial building was constructed in phases over two decades as STandard Woolen Mills expande d its operations. the earliest portion, constructed in 1882 and distinguised by its buff and blackened brick detailing was deisgned by E. J. Lennox, one of Toronto’s most celebrated architects” …

This is the Canadian Opera Company building, but the title above sounds much cooler, and plus, according to the COC website, “The Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre is actually a group of buildings, each with a fascinating history. The buildings were initially commercial plants, housing a gas company and a textile mill in Old Toronto.”

Despite the old(e!?) brick and the incredible architecture, it wasn’t the outside that attracted me to this building.  It was that, as I walked by, I noticed this through the big glass doors, out of the corner of my eye:


A closer look:


The details: image


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