Boxing Day – An experiment in shadows

Tonight was this year’s first real snow in Toronto.

I promised myself I’d stay home tonight, but the intent was to practice some level of solitude, not necessarily to be a hermit. So I believe the walk around my neighborhood was just what I needed.

As is probably pretty clear, these were all taken on a camera phone (Nexus Galaxy), so they’re capturing the nuance more than what I could actually see.

For you to see it as I did (and I do recommend it), you’ll have to go on your own evening wanderings…

Sometimes you have to be the person to make the first footprints,

first tracks

so that you can get to the cutest things,

IMG_20121226_203819 IMG_20121226_203903 hardware kitty

the prettiest shadows,

IMG_20121226_204147 IMG_20121226_205515 IMG_20121226_205403 IMG_20121226_210541 IMG_20121226_211402 boxing day shadows

the simplest new graffiti,

IMG_20121226_205314 birdie swipe

the ladies of the alley,


the relevant words,

the all-night galleries and disco balls,

IMG_20121226_210340 dalston grey

so that when you get home,


you can remember your short, but necessary, excursion into the ‘blizzard’ in any way you choose.

IMG_20121226_205708 snowy night

1 comment
  1. Lori Bigwood said:

    Nice. I’m glad you “stayed in” on Boxing Day! This looks like it was an enjoyable adventure.

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