Rollercoaster of Ridiculously Beautiful Revelstoke Landscape Shots


This is not the post for you if you don’t enjoy gorgeous (yet camera-phone quality) photos of mountains and rivers.

I pretty much feel like I’ve been on some sort of magical ride at a natured-out version of Disney Land and all the destinations are actual miracles that have been created by Mother Nature.

Maybe I’m just turning into a hippy… but the views here are some sort of wonderful. I arrived in Calgary on Friday afternoon and have been experiencing the sort of wide-eyed wonder you’d expect from a 6yr old on their first vacation.

Pretty sure it will be quite clear why!

The clouds are more vast just outside of Calgary:

The license plates are hopeful:

The scenery after food stops is a touch more picturesque:

Walks to downtown Revelstoke take five minutes and are filled with surprises:

Day trips 20 minutes away bring you to entirely different worlds:

Afternoons are spent watching your friend haul ass around town centre:

Hazy brunch is super mellow and pretty:

And the solo bike journeys are just…







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