Notice What You Notice – Hope Bay

May 2-4, or the Queen Victoria Day weekend, for some people, is an excuse to get loaded by the water.  I’ve been lucky enough to become part of a tradition of escaping the city for a weekend of minimal drinking, and maximal relaxing.  We snack, we game, we walk, we hike, we wade, we swim. Mostly we just appreciate the surroundings.  I can’t capture the sound of the birds, the way it feels to skip the unending number of flat stones, or the temperature difference between the farmer’s field and the deep depths of the Bruce Trail, but I did manage to capture a few images that really show the magic of the appropriately named: Hope Bay.

Polarized sunglasses can act as a lense!

Hope Bay and  Berford Lake: magically shallow, magically warm, and filled with BITING fishies.


When you’re respectful, it can still be exhilarating to explore a house that’s being built up on the hill!


The view of Hope Bay and its surroundings is exponentially more beautiful when you’ve hiked the Bruce Trail to see it:


Seeing the nightly swim of two geese and 7 goslings is pretty much the cutest ever:


The water went from freaky-calm:


…to bizarrely beautiful bi-directionally winded:


There are so many colours and textures and contrasts to notice at Hope Bay

Thanks to the wonderful family that hosts me there, and who show me that Notice What You Notice doesn’t just have to happen in the back alleys of Toronto!

  1. Lori Bigwood said:

    BE-U-tiful photos!

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