Little Bites is NOT a cooking blog

Despite the name, and the fact that I sometimes write about restaurants I’ve been to, or take really bad pictures of vegetarian dishes, sometimes even twice in one day, this blog is NOT a cooking blog. There are enough incredible ones out there, and WAY TOO MANY bad ones…

HOWEVER, I feel I should impart two pieces of food-related wisdom to my dear readers that I remembered to use/do today.

1. When making vegetarian fresh/cold rolls, a tasty alternative to adding tofu, tempeh or seitan as a protein source is to mix ground almonds with mayo (or some other sort of creaminess… depending on your taste), and slathering that on the rice paper before adding the veggies and the noodles… ALSO… flavour those noodles! I mixed a little bit of soy, honey garlic, and hot sauce into the noodles before stuffing them in.  Doing these two things means you can eat them sans dipping sauce, which makes them a much tidier option for lunch!

2. When making a tomato pasta sauce, if you want a little bit of that creamy texture (think penne a la vodka), without adding dairy, you can add a few eggs right near the end.  Just crack them in, and stir them while the sauce is still piping hot.  Of course you can still put cheese on top!


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