Emcee, M.C., um see!?

OH MY GOODNESS you guys. Friday night I was an M.C. for an event called Shred The Love T.O., which was a fundraising launch party for B4BC (Boarding For Breast Cancer) as they expand their presence into Toronto.

We were unloading the venue until after 3am. Debrief beer with a cutie at the homestead until nearly 5am. Yesterday, at 8am, I had slept 3 hours, but was up and BUZZING off the excitement that remained from the night before.

It was a massive success.  Taken right from the words I had written from my speech:

This community, us who are pulled by the desire to ride sideways on concrete, water, and snow, is absolutely incredible.  Every event that I go to, as a participant or an organizer or a volunteer, I am blown away by the enthusiasm.

There were $10,000 in raffle and door prizes. There was a photobooth and event photos by Erin McInnis and Maja Zonjic. There was sweet and savory popcorn, vegan mini s’mores cupcakes and buckwheat blueberry pancakes by Emma D of Dig Food.  Skullycandy brought us DJ Lucie Tic who, I’m pretty sure, is responsible for most of my sore muscles as I was literally dancing almost the whole night. I danced to each prize I needed to raffle off, to each picture I was taking with all the beautiful people that came, to every Steamwhistle I was getting from our volunteer bartenders, visit to the information booth (complete with a silicone boob, where guests got to learn what a lump feels like, and the best method for finding it), to the live artists that were completing their gorgeous custom B4BC longboards, I was even dancing when I was sitting in the Roxy and Burton Lounges! I couldn’t stay still!

There’s so much more to say about this event, but for now I think I’ll just stick with WOW.

I was really impressed with the team of volunteers that put it together, and especially with Emily Morton and Michelle Argue. You ladies are incredible.


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