Notice What You Notice – Those Eyes Found Me

Just over a month ago, I put up a post about some street art of a strikingly beautiful lady that I’ve been noticing in the city lately.

This artist paints in a similar style, and the girls all look very alike, but I can’t tell if they’re supposed to be of the same person or not.

Regardless, when I find her, or them, or rather, when they find me, I am caught in a moment of stunned awe:

And then I focus, and compose myself, and bring myself closer to really observe and appreciate and capture what it is that I’ve been given:

It happened again this past Sunday, while longboarding down the railway path, my hair whipping in the wind, en-route to the beer store for park wobblies in the sun. A near bye mockingbird, if it had not flown away, would have had a new song to sing, as I literally yelped and squealed with joy:

Each time really does feel like a gift that has been presented to me as a reward or recognition for something that I’m not even sure I’ve achieved.

I don’t know why, or how she keeps finding me, or whether I’ll get to experience more, but I already feel a great sense of gratitude for the number I’ve come across.

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