Pinterest – the quickest, most aesthetically pleasing addiction, I’ve ever had.

I’m going to go ahead and do a post about this phenomenon.  There’s not a lot TO say that hasn’t been said already.

But I can’t not comment on it, because it’s kind of insane. For those of you who don’t know, here’s my version of a little run-down of how it works:

Pinterest is a ‘virtual pinboard’ that’s kind of like:

Tumblr, in that people post a lot of pictures of things they like or would like to like or would like to dream of one day liking… or something. Unlike Tumblr, it’s a bit more organized, and there’s significantly less eye-hurting gifs.

Twitter, in that you can, and do, follow lots of people you don’t know, and probably never will, but are interested in their style/taste/interests. Unlike twitter, there’s no capacity to message other users (and I DESPERATELY hope it stays that way).

Facebook, in that it is extremely addictive, because everytime you refresh the page, there’s more, and more, and more to scroll through and look at.  Unlike Facebook, it’s a reflection of dream self, rather than a pretend self., in that you actually feel like you’re learning something from it all of the time. Unlike, it’s much easier on the eyes.

Craftgawker, in that it’s exactly the same thing, but with more types of things being gawked at.

I’ve learned, since joining, that

I am not the only person with a fascination for old doors, windows, and key-holes.

There are so many things that are ‘DIY’, but really, I just want to buy those things off etsy, from people who are better at it than me.

Most people’s dream homes have lots of natural wood, impossibly high ceilings, and impeccably organized everything.

Many people appreciate the look of fresh, healthy, colourful food, or rich, cheesy, comfort food.

Looking at pictures of people working out or lists of things that can be done to work out is apparently really motivating?

There’s mostly beautiful, creative, inspiration, amazing, interesting things on there, but holy SHITE there’s a lot of weird stuff. Luckily, someone’s already started a blog paying homage to such abnormality: wtfpinterest!?

Oh Pinterest, you’ve already stolen so many of my sleep hours, but since I joined a week ago, I’ve already created two of the art projects, used two of the recipes, shared many of the inspirational quotes, and followed some of the rules for living.  It’s a pretty bad addiction, but I think it’s bringing out a creativity in many people that was just under the surface of what they thought was possible.

Listen to what Jesse Hirsh, tech columnist for CBC has to say about it…

Jesse Hirsh Pinterest

Happy pinning!

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  1. nate said:

    what, no link to your pinboards?

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