Notice What You Notice – Those Eyes

Inexcusably late, on my bike ride to work this morning, I notice that the graffiti/painting/art that I see on most mornings on the side of the in-progress Artscape building on Shaw, was especially vibrant in the sun. I pulled over to snap a shot.

I wondered how I would incorporate it into a grouping of other shots, since I wasn’t planning on going for a walk today.

I biked to work. I existed in my office job for 7.25 hours + meal break.

At 530pm, I unlocked my bike, noticing a 3-4 degree drop in temperature, and caught sight of my breath. This hadn’t happened on any other day this week.

I started my roll west, and recognized how attuned to my surroundings I was. I noticed the kneeling photographer taking sunset shots of commuters walking through the park, and that he took one of me smiling about it. I saw the subtle tug on the leash of a medium-sized, shiny-coated black dog as its owner, a girl with incredible blonde dreads, crossed Spadina with a very cute manboy the same size as her. I saw that the blue lights from the top of the police car were the exact same colour and flashing with the same frequency as the rotating ones on my wheels. My thoughts drifted back to the photo from this morning, of the lady on the indigo background, and I wondered whether I would notice anything else that would be particularly interesting or beautiful on the way home. Not a third of the way in, I saw her sister.

I don’t know when this was put there, or if I’d biked by it before, but discovering it today, in that moment, felt like a form of magic. I smiled, as I biked further west, and experienced the joy of crossing Strachan at the same time as the Gotrain goes by, meaning that all the cars were already stopped for me.

The blue “ART” lights are no longer up on on the construction tower of the condos at Sudbury and Dovercourt, but the memory of them remains, and as I stop to turn my thoughts into writing on my phone, my friend from New York accidentally dials my number.

Magic isn’t about tricks, it’s about turning time into moments. – Me

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