Including my job, where I interact with people constantly, I am rarely alone.

Thursday, from 7pm until 2am I was in the company of one or more people, and enveloped by art and/or music.
Friday, from 2pm until 1am I was being social through the creation and consumption of food and drinks.
Saturday from the moment I woke up in the afternoon until midnight I was in the company of friends.
Today from 930am until 630pm I was with people. Good people. Great people, in fact.

The incredible relationships  and activities I am constantly surrounding myself with are fulfilling and beautiful and exciting, but, at the end of these amazing days of connection and interaction, I’m still seeking something else.

Tonight, after a day of matching my mood to my activities to the sky and back to my mood, I was walking home, when I suddenly remembered that my friend’s art exhibit was ending today. I asked a stranger the time, and was relieved that it was only 630… a half an hour until it closed.  The guy at reception at The Gladstone told me that the exhibit was only open until 5pm, but was I there to pick up my art?  I must have looked devastated, because he looked sort of terrified.  I did something I don’t normally do; I asked them to open it up just for me.

He agreed.

The porter a slight, nervous, lovely fellow, brought me to the 2nd floor on the old elevator, turned on all the lights for me, and said not to rush; that I could let myself out.

I’ve been to numerous exhibits at the Gladstone, but getting to be in the space alone, giving myself my own private tour of the works that were on display was sort of magical. An audio exhibit was still running, providing me with an echoic, eerie, and beautiful soundtrack. Of course, since I was so late, some of the pieces had already come down, but I think, given the fact that I crave, but rarely seek solitude, that this was an experience I didn’t know I needed until it actualized.

Why I was there:

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