Grandson Grand Tour

When you do things slowly, or not necessarily without rapidity, but speed on a more human scale than you’ve grown accustomed to, it can bring you back to the stage where you’re really truly appreciating that which you experience.  You are living those those moments rather than watching them.

Tonight I had the pleasure of sharing this, and other navel-gazingly inspiring thoughts around an urban campfire in Dufferin Grove Park, and on the newly acquired plastic muskoka chairs in my backyard, with my good friend Nick from Grandson Grandtour. Nick is ‘somewhere between 2/3 and 3/4 along’ in his Canadian cycling tour from West to East. He is doing this journey on the same bike his Grandfather used in his own tour across the country in 1991.  10 years later, Robert J. Annin suffered a fatal heart attack. Another 10 years later Nick starts his own journey in recognition of the work of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  He left Vancouver August 1, and he arrived in Toronto yesterday, September 2, 2011.

His first day, where he biked from Vancouver to Hope, British Columbia, was a journey I did in reverse in October of 2006 for Push for the Cure. It took me 3 days on my longboard, in a group of 20 fellow riders.  Nick is doing this on his own and I am so proud of him.

Tomorrow morning, when I’m struggling in my spinning class, I’ll remember and be motivated by the fact that I’m doing but an 8th of what his regular day involves, and will send fellow-cycling-happy-vibes out the window and onto the roads to take him on his way to Peterborough.

You should follow his journeys on his blog or his  twitter.

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