Dear Councillor – Save Jarvis Bike Lanes



Good Morning Councillor Bailao,

I’m writing to express my concern about the possibility that the Jarvis Street bike lanes may be removed.

Biking infrastructure is incredibly important to me, and I believe that even though the Jarvis lanes are not in our ward, that having safe spaces to bike in all areas of the city is integral to encouraging biking culture everywhere.

I am currently living through the hell that is the Dundas Street West construction, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to cause unneccesary construction and road closures on Jarvis to reinstate a middle lane that was always dangerous and unnerving as a cyclist AND as a driver (I used to be a driver for a landscaping company with a lot of projects in that neighbourhood). It would be a complete waste of money and a real slap in the face to taxpayers in this city. It would also go against Mayor Ford’s assertion during the 2010 election that he would not remove the Jarvis bike lanes if elected, because it would be a waste of money.

When the anti-bike lane councillors tabled a motion to remove the bike lanes at the eleventh hour at the Public Works & Infrastructure Committee, they deliberately ignored and disrespected the very people who would be most affected by such a motion passing. This issue was not on the agenda, so cyclists did not have the opportunity to voice support for Jarvis before the decision was made. The local Councillor wasn’t even consulted until 5 minutes prior to the decision’s announcement. Local Councillors deserve to have a say in their own ward. Cyclists deserve public consultation on a major infrastructure change such as this.

I’m counting on you to make my voice (and that of the MANY other cyclists in our ward) heard in the next meeting. Please vote to keep the Jarvis bike lanes, and please encourage the building of more bike lanes around the city.

Thank you very much.



I’m calling on you, dear Toronto readers to ask your own Councillor to uphold the democratic process and reject the Ford administration’s attempt to side-step democracy and community engagement.

List of ward names and their contact information HERE

Sign the bike union petition HERE. (There’s a chance the website might be down… due to volume, I hope!)
But HERE‘s a cached version of the bike union’s website about the Jarvis situation.

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