Light up the Night

She always could light up an open mic, a party, a skateboarding session, a park, or any other space she was in with her beautiful, gap-toothed smile.  Tonight, she was missed dearly, but the energy of Cristina Taborda lit up the night again.

I just came home from this event at Lula Lounge on Dundas St West in Little Portugal, Toronto.

“Friends, family and a cast of indie artists rallied together to produce a night in the spirit of Cristina’s stunning ability to touch and connect people.” It was a collaborative musical celebration, featuring performances by members of:

Anima Fado, Radio Belle, Parks & Rec, Hands & Teeth, Human Bodies, The Ruby Spirit, The Wilderness, The Cautioneers, Up North Kids, Lara Martin, Scott McCormack and many others.

Many of the musicians tonight talked about how “Schteeen” could make them feel excited and confident when they were feeling nervous.  What I remember most about Cris, and what really came through tonight was the amount of spirit and energy that she put into each situation she was a part of.  She brought people together.  She energized and encouraged and enlightened us all. I was extremely lucky to have met her, and I feel honoured to have been part of the celebration of her life.

Through raffle tickets for incredible portraiture of Cristina Taborda, and through the sale of art that celebrated her beautiful spirit, Light up the Night raised $900 for Clay & Paper Theatre, where Cristina’s involvement in Toronto’s arts community began.

Cristina, we miss you deeply, but you’ll never stop making us smile.


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