Back to the Future

I’ve become significantly more interested in a recent societal fascination with nostalgia and really appreciate it when artists work with and comment on this trend.  I was so happy to see that Amyofau linked to this incredible project that highlights the allure and mystique of retro photography.

I love old photos… Most of us are fascinated by their retro look but to me, it’s imagining how people would feel and look like if they were to reenact them today… A few months ago, I decided to actually do this. So, with my camera, I started inviting people to go back to their future. ~ Irina Werning – Photographer

Her attention to detail in re-creating and re-capturing these moments from the past is phenomenal. She calls herself ‘obsessive’ but I think it’s admirable.

My favourites, in the order they appear on her website:

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