Art in the hood.

Just to the east of my neighbourhood there’s an event going on called Do Design. It’s a 4 day design celebration occurring in the Do West Trinity Bellwoods Business Improvement Area (Dundas West, Between Bathurst & Grace), between January 27 and 30, 2011. From the Do West BIA’s website:

Do Design intends to highlight the diversity of our streetscape and community and is a reminder of the value of creative initiatives and the resonance of design in our daily lives.

Dundas Street West (between Bathurst and Grace Street) becomes a “gallery”, with design projects displayed in storefronts, walk-ups, windows, cafe’s, galleries, bars, restaurants, boutiques, showrooms and even a lumber yard! We are pleased to announce 28 participating venues this year, showcasing the works of the contemporary designers listed below.

In honour of this event, I have taken some photos of art that is located mostly in the neighbourhood two BIAs west.

Basement of Zoots Cafe – 1438 Dundas Street West

I’ve seen this incredible photographic work before, maybe in Kensington Market?

I don’t know who it’s by, but I love it.

If you know, please let me know so I can link to the artist/go take photos of other examples!

This reminds my good friend Aubs of the photography of Edward Burtynsky.

I agree. Especially his work on Urban Mines.

An incredible Mosaic on the wall of Howard Junior Public School.

How many animals can you see?

This obviously reminds me of this Smashing Pumpkins song.

I love the contrast in this. I also love how this alley has very clearly been designated as an accepted grafitti zone, with a white-washed area where the painting is allowed to happen, and this artist goes just outside of it.  Badass.

Wow. I wonder if they used rulers?

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