Twenty Five is Thirty Five

WARNING, this is a very long one.

A little conversation about 25 things inspired me to find this old post about the trip we took from Calgary to Galiano Island. I liked the trip and I liked writing this about it.  I liked re-reading it, though I was bothered by the lack of capitalization and sloppy grammar.  I think it might add to the experience though…

25 is 35

Written Wednesday, February 18, 2009 at 12:28am
… “twenty five” things, a meme I will participate  i thought about or realized when i was on my epic trip out west… WHICH by the way, started in Calgary, travelled by car through banff, and down to invermere, then we drove to hope, then to whistler, then to vancouver, then we boated to galiano, then MD went home, and I stayed in vancouver, and fell in love with the city. 

1. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve driven for; nothing prepares you for mountain driving. I am not ready. SR is. I am grateful for his skill.
2. Seeing entire stretches of land made nearly bare by alpine beatle infestations is both sad and humbling. Humans may make a huge footprint, but in the end, it’s nature that can do the most damage.
3. This country is f***ing huge. Vast. Ginormous. There is no real word to label it, and you can only really understand it after long drives, bus rides, bike or train rides through a space that you can mark on a map.
4. It doesn’t matter how many times it happens, it’s always awe-inspiring to see wildlife on the side of the highway. We saw elk, and a wolf… which is also sad, because it probably means it was ready to die.
5. Rumble strips are all of these things; useful, comforting, and terrifying.
6. A lot of B.C. wildlife / nature is untouched. That’s pretty sacred. I think I want to do more to appreciate that.
7. Nothing makes an orchard-fruit allergy more painful than driving through a gorgeous little orchard valley just before Creston.
8. The little old ladies in the A&W in Creston smell like little old men.
9. Coniferous tres look SO small on the mountains. Then you drive through valleys, and you see that many of them are like, 5 or 6 stories high.
10. Temperature inversion is beautiful.
11. I definitely have a crush on the old mountain man that held us up on the kootenay pass. I think it’s his giant mountain beard, and his giant mountain presence.
12. Logging trucks can carry a LOT of logs. I tried counting them a couple times, and gave up.
13. Interior mountains and coastal mountains remind me of the types of drawings little kids make of hills.
14. When we got to the coast, I noticed that the plants called playfully to the sun, rather than reaching desperately up through the cracks of light.
15. On the coast, there are jimmy’s and jeeps over tacomas and rams… and cars are cleaner.
16. Sitting in the back of a tercel, with two boys i love in the front is a pretty wonderful place to cry for happiness. When the sun burns your face in said back of tercel in february, it’s not so bad, and you hope it never ends
17. I understand why Brit said she never wanted to go home.
18. It is not a wise decision to call 911 when you are stoned.
19. I see human emotions in animal behaviour. I saw a cow sitting away from the rest of the cows and i thougth ‘she’s feeling left out. they’ve cast her aside.’ This experience made me understand how people use drawing/interpreting pictures as a therapeutic tool
20. Remaining quiet while you are actually fearing for your life is one of the hardest things to do in the world. Squeezing the life out of your boyfriend’s hand helps to maintain the silence.
21. I never thought I would be in Hope, B.C. again, but it became our safe haven after we unexpectedly ran into a pretty serious sleet/snow/rain/holyshit B.C. mountain storm.
22. According to SR, approximately 80% of the driving population are just plain dumb.
23. Seeing two cars flipped upside down in one road trip is scary. Don’t be plain dumb while you’re driving through the mountains. You can’t out-cool them.
24.Even when you live in the mountains, you MUST wear your best lululemon pants and D&G sunglasses when you go to the Squamish Starbucks for a grande, skinny, mocha chai latte, with THREE pumps of sugar free cinnamon syrup. I think it was in that moment that I personally decided to boycott starbucks forever… we’ll see how long that lasts.
25. Galiano Island is heaven. In one day I saw starfish, anenomes, sea otters, seals, bald eagles, a deer, real seagulls, ducks, and WHALES. I stood under giant trees covered in beautiful moss. I walked among ferns that, before they drooped, were taller than me.
26. I have an almost compulsive obsession with moss.
26. Homemade soup can always be made a little bit better with a touch of sugar. Even if the company you share the soup with is sweet enough.
27. Collecting pebbles that look like gems was as exciting at 25 as it was when I was 9.
28. Whistler is MASSIVE. The feats of human accomplishment there simply baffle me. 4km of gondola? As exciting as it was, I can’t entirely see the point. I guess it’s all about innovation. But riding in powder at one of the biggest resorts (the biggest?) in Canada was RAD.
29. Tegan and Sara are phenomenal live. The screaming preteens who profess their tweeny love to the sisters are NOT phenomenal.
30. The Happiness Project is an extremely cool musical project that we learned about at the Broken Social Scene part of the concert. Check it out;
31. “That’s what she said” is something you can’t escape anymore. I never thought I could watch so many episodes of the office in one week, but now that I’m gone, I miss it… and you guys.
32. The experience of listening to electric violin is significantly heightened by reducing the light to one blinding red back light in a grungy basement.
33. Getting a ticket for not validating your skytrain ticket is not fun. Getting lost in a city you’d like to call home is really fun.
34. B.C.’s motto is “The best place on earth.” When I first saw this I thought that was a bit bold. A week later, I was convinced.
35. In case it’s not already perfectly clear; B.C. is calling my name.

drive to whister
dionisio point. 


my fave picture i took on this trip.
i’m quite proud.
i drove a real ship while i was in van.
really.  it’s been documented.
in a much-needed break in the Vancouver Art Gallery, I snapped a rebel shot of the beautiful shadow casting over us
we wove fabric!
pretend you’re a dog, taking a break from your beautiful walk in Deep Cove, lying on your side. 

i think this is a welcoming gesture… to me.
beaches like this in canada! why go to mexico!?
Smilee also has an obsessive compulsion with moss.

*post script*
this song, which i heard on CBC radio tonight, inspired me to write this note tonight.
there’s a full version of the song on

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