“See something? Cite something.

I originally found this at the bottom of this comic.

Boing Boing is SO good about doing this properly, and also linked to this and said this:

A joint chart and public service announcement from two comic artists who are sick of having their work miss- or unattributed to them. Here’s the right way to show your artists some love.


I do my best to always make sure that any non-original videos or pics are linked to the original source, or to the place where they can be found… but sometimes I make a mistake.  It doesn’t make it right when I do it by accident, but I assure you it is never intentional.  I really appreciate how much cool stuff is on the internet, and really like to see the stuff in their virtual birthing house, so thanks to everyone who makes that possible.

Click for full-sized version in it’s original context! :)

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