Who’s the boss!?

I’m the boss!!

Last night when I bought my friends a second round of drinks, the super-cute spectacled bartender at Lula Lounge asked me if I was everyone’s boss!
Are there no other generous friends out there? I imagine that’s not the case.
I will just pretend that was his adorably sly way to make me smile and make my cheeks a deeper crimson than they already were.

I think, for me, facial hair growth was SO 2010 and corrective eyeware is SO 2011.

Bring ’em out, Sexies.

  1. Love you!! Wanna come over for drinks?? :)

  2. Amy said:

    Facial hair combined with corrective eyewear…… can’t be beat!

  3. aubs said:

    I can be generous emotionally quite often. Generosity comes in many flavours. I like blueberry the best.

  4. Lee Anne said:

    Aubs I think you like peach the best.

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