I don’t even know how I got to clicking through to it today, but I just read this piece on the surprise effect of something you put online ‘going viral.’

I especially like this part:

We have to pay attention to our words, our status updates, because words (regardless of the length of the statement, and whether delivered in person or digitally) matter. We must be vigilant because we have a responsibility – not just to those we’re sure will hear what we say directly. We’re responsible to anyone who may experience the ripple.”  ~ Gwen Bell

I know I don’t have a lot of readers, but this is a reminder (of something I think I’ve been quite aware of for awhile) that we all have to think, and write, and post, and create as though we have the potential for lots and lots of readers.

This is part of the reason why I don’t tend to put people’s names in my posts; why my writing is always sort of vaguely about where I am, but never truly indicative of my exact location; and why, though this blog tends to be quite journal-ey in it’s essence, I try to write about ideas/connections to my life rather than the actual details OF my life.

Just sayin’ is all…

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