In Pointe au Baril…

Hummingbirds are seemingly dainty, gentile creatures… until you are sipping tea on a windy cottage porch, near their and they (mis?)take you for a threat and they dive-bomb past your ear… close enough that you can feel the faint, but definite, wind shift from their ridiculously tiny, rapid wings. It’s loud. And not loud in the way that air-show planes invade your headspace, but loud in that way that mosquitoes get right, disgustingly, annoyingly close to your ears when you’re desperately trying to sleep in a silent tent on a silent night in the hot, hot heat of mid-summer.

Anyway, point is that hummingbirds are close to magical, and are exquisitely pretty, but they scare me the way that mice scare elephants.

Did I just call myself fat?

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