Drip Drop

(That’s the sound of my sweat literally dripping from my hair and my chin and the BOTTOMS OF MY EARS… this humidity is disgusting).

So I recently wrote that I’m going to start running from my demons, and it actually got me to start running (jogging, really)… full stop.   I go out for a run when I’m lonely. I run when I’m jealous or agitated or sad.  But I also run when I need to wake up or tire myself out.  I run when I am happy or content or feeling silly or ecstatic.

Just need to work on my distance… but until I decide to go longer/further/faster/stronger… I will continue to notice the development of the late summer blooms that are rampant in my neighbourhood, and I will continue to scour for sweet garbage-day wooden furniture scores!

I love where I live.


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