Four Levels of Social Entrapment


The THIS that I refer to is a piece on Hyberbole & A Half about the 4 levels of extremely awkward social situations:

Level 1: Brief encounters with kind-of friends

You know what she’s talking about… you met once at a party… it wasn’t that great… you don’t really give a flying shit about them… it’s awkward, but neither of you really want to engage with each other, so it won’t last long.

Level 2: Forced proximity

There are many of these types: you go to the library at the same time, you take the same elevator in the morning, you have the same pee schedule at work.  You are in the same physical space and you have no desire to speak to each other… but you can’t stop yourself.

Level 3: The Trap

Hers is the best example; you go out for a solo coffee or brunch or something, and you just want to read, or write, or space out sans company… but someone who ALWAYS wants to talk enters your luxury space and takes that lovely alone time away from you…

Level 4: Well-intentioned social terrorism

HAH!  ‘Just thought I’d pop by for a visit.’   … ‘I brought you some wine.’   … ‘I was in your neighbourhood and saw your lights on… and looked in your window and saw you sitting there… breathing.’   um… yeah.

ANYWAY… I  don’t know how she (the creator of this deliciously amazing blog; Allie) does it, but she just keeps churning out these hilariously accurate depictions of real-life situations such as

learning to ride and fall off a bicycle

making a sandwich

trying to be a productive, list-crosser-offing adult

Basically, her raw, pixelly drawings are brilliant and are accompanied by long-winded but AMAZING descriptions of the phenomenon/situation she describes.

Make this blog part of your weekly routine.  So funny.

  1. ruby said:

    *giggle* *giggle* *giggle*

  2. Therese said:

    Oh my GOD. I can so relate to the sandwich one it’s ridiculous! HILARIOUS!

  3. Therese said:

    Wait – no – the responsibility one! I KNOW!!!!

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