Extreme Realness

This is just a straight-up quote from Kate Carraway about an idea she has called ‘extreme realness’ that I can really relate to right now.  I’m glad she’s posting more regularly these days.

Somewhat related to my perspectives on failure (embrace it, own it, climb into it and lay down and get to know how it feels on your skin), “extreme realness” is about doing everything and being everything as it really is all the time.

So, when you like somebody, instead of running in the opposite direction lest they find out and find you uncool (such is our shitty self-esteem, right?), tell them. It’s not that terrifying once you do it. And, when you don’t like somebody, it’s OK to be like “I’m not into it.” Just like that. It’s fine. Rejection doesn’t have to be a pejorative, especially when it’s about something like love, when it just comes down to how good you smell to each other.


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