Reliably Assertive

An open letter to the Cab Drivers of Toronto:

Dear Toronto Cab Drivers

I know you guys don’t have the easiest job. A lot of people treat you like dirt, and your commanders are usually total douche-bags.  You’re constantly in competition for customers who aren’t loyal and who don’t appreciate you.  You know the streets of Toronto like the backs of your hand and people still question your routes and methods.  Considering how often you drive; your safety statistics are phenomenal. 

What I want to comment on the most, though, is how reliably assertive you are.  As a cyclist in this city, I can’t always count on the speed or style of other drivers. I am wrought with trepidation as I decide whether to cross queen st, bathurst st, etc at the non-lighted intersections.  But you, cabbies, you I can rely on to always try to get where you’re trying to go as quickly as possible.  That I can count on. I can decide to cross immediately after you. I can choose to go to your left so you can turn right. I know you’re not everyone’s favourite, but you take the questioning out of my morning commute, and I appreciate you.

See you on the roads.

Love, Bigwood.


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