Ok, adult-world; you got me.

I finally had an experience where compiling a list would have saved me a lot of grief.

Just came back from a cottage weekend, where the invite specifically told us to bring nothing but sweats and bikinis.  I packed my bag to the TITS with jersey knit dresses, sweats and bikinis.  I also did not pack a single t-shirt, tank top, or for that matter, an item of clothing that went with any of  the other items of clothing that I brought.  A single tank-top from one of my besties saved my day, and my mood.

I’d like to think I’ve gone on enough camping trips and cottage excursions to reach a point where I should capable of packing my own clothes.   At least I brought my bathing suits to facilitate the 6 swims in 26hrs =)

I love lake like I love lamp.


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