C+ = A-

This eve was, shockingly, my virginal experience for tasting an organic orange.  The best way I can describe it is (sadly) exactly like Cplus, except that it tastes like real-orange.

This now gives me the insight that Cplus has actually got their citrus flavouring down to a science, and I’m kind of impressed with them.   But if I’m going to pay 1.09, it’s now going to be on an organic orange, not a can o’ pop.

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  1. They actually do have it to an exact science. I was listening to a documentary on CBC radio all about the production of orange juice awhile ago. I wonder if I can find a podcast. Apparently the “orange taste” is all a precise chemical concoction, because by the time they’ve pasturized it and what-not, there’s not much left of “real orange taste” at all, so they have to re-create it.
    Wait – we’re talking about C-Plus, which isn’t juice anyway, but your post just reminded me of the doc.
    Phew. Sorry for the long comment.

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