Patience is a


… and also a virtue I think I can claim to posess for the first time in my life.

I’ve entered a new phase in my adulthood which includes

– homemade lasagna and one too many bottles of wine

– finally bringing up that thing at work that was eating me up inside

– biking to the other side of the city and back

– brunching, and having the time to stay for as many cups of coffee as we pleased

– a coveted dress that suddenly fits FABULOUSLY.

– the desire to experience my life a little slower. 

I think, and I’m being hesitant with this one, that my anxiety might be gone.  I’m still one of the most high-strung people I know, but I’m suddenly ok with life passing me by at a slower pace.  It’s like I’m walking on the side of a really lovely river that moves slightly faster than walking speed, and I can get in and enjoy the ride, and easily get out and walk along the shore whenever I feel like it.

For now, there’ll be no walking, just another glass of wine after enjoying my first attempt at Risotto in over 6 years.

  1. Therese said:

    I LIKE this.
    I think it’s time I grow up and bring something up at work, too.
    I like the river analogy.

  2. Luke said:

    Let’s have homemade lasagna and too much wine when you come visit!

  3. I was just talking about this type of thing with Mark yesterday. The joy of delayed pleasure is one of the perks of adulthood. :)

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