I want your…

… job. 

And your friendship.

I just read this article and decided that I have to meet this girl.

The description of how her eyes flit around the room reminds me of how some people describe me. 

(Is it vain that I want to meet her because she’s clearly awesome, but also because I think she might remind me of me? … Yeah, it’s vain. I’m ok with that).

On top of really enjoying this particular article, I’m really excited to see more from this series. There are only two now.  The concept of writing about/featuring a cool person and seeing how they make their living reminds me of that sort of self-justified voyeuristic joy I get when I read the series in eyeweekly.com about people’s spaces. 

 I probably think this post is about me.

Don’t I?

Don’t I?

Don’t I?

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