Ok, I know I can be quite the nay-sayer sometimes, but I simply can’t get over this whole ‘Get more GREEN products in order to be environmentally friendly’ thing.  It doesn’t make sense.  Just STOP CONSUMING.

So a certain well-established water-filter company is going to be giving away 3000 of their water-filter pitchers and their filter cartridges on Earth Day.  Oooooh, what a score!!! 

1. The receiver of this amazing gift ONLY has to pay for the cartridges that you’re reccomended to change every 300 water-bottle amounts.   What a steal.

2. The plastic in a filter is significantly denser, and required signficantly more industrial machines to fabricate.  Way to save the earth.

3. These are given out in T.O.   A city that filters it’s water WAY more than it has to for safety, legality, and taste.  We’re still filtering it?  That’s a really great practice to promote, water-filter company.

How much other free shit are companies going to pitch on people on the day of the year they most want to feel like champions of the earth?  How many of these products are specifically designed to rope consumers in to brand-loyalty or dependence in the future?

These ideas aren’t new and they’re not creative, but they are pervasive in my thoughts…. sigh.


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