cheep cheep: CHEAP

A little bird told me to read this book.  And by little birdy, I mean I came across it randomly on the interwebs and put it on hold in the TPL system, and magically it arrived at my branch.

It’s good.  I’m only a third into it, but it makes me miss being in university because it reminds me of this one social psych professor I used to have.  She would give these incredible lectures where it felt like she was telling the story of culture, except she’d insert little verbal links to all kinds of research that was backing up what she was talking about.

Anyway. This book is really great.  Here’s the google review page.

I think I was drawn to this book because of how much consumer culture makes me incredibly stressed out. I had a full-out anxiety attack in an outlet linen store with my mom today.  It wasn’t even crowded, or over-wrought with signs or sounds, and we were specifically shopping for something I actually need.  It just felt like I was buying into this scheme, or scam, or something.  I can’t quite figure it out, but I think I need to either go live in the forest, or figure out what exactly makes my heart race when I’m in such an environment, because I’m going to give myself a mental breakdown.

Anyway, read the book. I highly recommend it.

  1. Nathan said:

    Yo Bigwood;
    Are you sure that your anxiety attack was not because of the chemicals they treat cloth with? I have to wash everything I buy new, sometimes twice, because I am sensitive to them myself. If your anxiety level trailed off after you left the store it might be indicative. Hope you can figure it out. I hate anxiety attacks sometimes they ruin your whole day!!

  2. xedapsicle said:

    “Be not a stuff magnet”

    So true. People. you don’t need all this *stuff*!

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