He he. Hermitish isn’t a word. Nor is Hermitey. (Which would be a great name for a super shy Kermit the Frog) Anyway. Know what is a word?  The inspiration for this entry:

her·met·ic (hr-mtk) also her·met·i·cal (--kl)

1. Completely sealed, especially against the escape or entry of air.
2. Impervious to outside interference or influence:
So I’ve been a bit hermetic lately. Whatevs.  My mind was playing tricks with me and I needed to seal myself off… or at least pretend like I was sealed off using very high-tech methodology:

To a season not spent under a towel.

oh. wow. as I typed that last sentence a bird got stuck in my stove updraft thing.  That is a terrible sound.


  1. gramps said:

    how’s the nird? oops. bird. actually, I like nird.

  2. katey said:

    this cracks me right up!

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