Reading rainbowww

Those three doubleyews were not a pun on the fact that the book I read is about technology.

Take a look, it’s in a boooooook.

I took a look, it was a book.

by Douglas Coooooouplaaaaand.

The Book: Generation A

The thoughts: Oh Dougy, you have such incredible skill with words. You capture me moment by moment by having those paragraphs that literally just make me think you’re reading my mind, or at least the mind of someone I’ve met in my life.  You use pop culture references intelligently, in this way that makes me think I’ll come back to read your books in the future for accurate nostalgia.  But GEEZ Doug, what is WITH your plotlines?  I’m not really a very apt book reviewer, so I’ll link to this (somewhat spoiler-filled) review by Toby Litt, who also has a problem with Coupland’s plotlines.   My problem is obviously pretty minimal though, because I can’t wait to read another D.C. classic.

  1. lydia said:

    thank you for the reading rainbow theme song, it has made my day.

  2. Nicole said:

    I read Generation A, and while I love love love Douglas Coupland, this one left me cold. It felt lazy. The end seemed thrown together, and I hate this new meta ‘characters in a book writing in the book’ thing that is so popular now. It’s kind of jarring.

  3. littlebitesbigwood said:

    lyd: it made me so happy too!
    nic: DEFINITELY felt thrown together, but I still couldn’t help but get lost in the way he uses pop culture references. I felt a bit deflated at the end, but still enjoyed the journey.

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